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specialized in custom guided fly fishing trips in southern Montana

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Walter Wiese: Owner, Outfitter, and Head Guide

I was born in St. Louis in 1980 and began fly fishing for trout in the Ozarks in about 1986. Yeah, I was six or so. I wanted it bad, obviously.

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I first fished Yellowstone Country in 1993, on a family vacation to Yellowstone Park. My dad and I returned in 1999 on a two-week fishing trip, and after that I was a goner. I began working at Parks’ Fly Shop in 2001 as a shop clerk and part-time guide. By 2004 I was head guide and webmaster, and by 2006 I was the shop’s most productive fly tier. I remain head guide at the shop and work a limited number of shop days in the summer and quite a few in the winter.

Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing is my avenue for expanding my guide services to waters not fished by Parks’ Fly Shop, particularly the Missouri River. I am Montana outfitter #22001 (formerly guide #9530) and have been guiding part-time in Yellowstone Park and Montana since 2001 and full-time since 2006. Fly fishing is what I do for a living. Asking guides what they do in the winter is a common question; what I do in the winter is get ready for next season.

In addition to my guide service, I also work as a commercial fly tyer and fly designer. Feel free to check out my signature patterns available from Montana Fly Company. I also write a great deal. My work has appeared in American Angler, Fly Rod & Reel, Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, Flyfisher, and a variety of smaller publications. My first book, Yellowstone Country Flies, came out in 2013, and I've since written two more. My next writing project is a chapter for the upcoming 25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish, edited by Terry Gunn.

Additional Guides and Outfitters

I do much of the guiding personally, but when I am already booked, have a trip requiring multiple guides, or book a trip for which I am not personally the best choice, I turn to a handful of the best contract guides and outfitters in southwest Montana. I do not use college kids or weekends-only guides, only full-timers with at least several years of experience.

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